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Platinum Diamond Rings

Platinum Diamond Rings

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Austria's Archduke Maximilian presented the first diamond engagement ring on record to his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy, in 1477. The ring was placed on the third finger of her left hand, based on an ancient Egyptian belief that this finger contained a "love vein" that ran directly to the heart. And we've been celebrating our eternal love and commitment to one another in much the same way ever since.

Antwerp Diamond Company platinum diamond rings are widely recognised as some of the finest platinum diamond rings in Glasgow. As diamond experts, we know what it takes to spot a beautiful diamond. Every Antwerp Diamond Company diamond is handpicked for its superior cut, presence and beauty. We only ever select a small proportion of those diamonds that reach our fanatical standards for beauty.

Antwerp Diamond Company platinum diamond rings are handcrafted to suit the size, cut and shape of each individual diamond. That's why our Antwerp Diamond platinum diamond rings are so beautiful.

Platinum's wear and tarnish resistance characteristics are ideally suited for making fine jewellery. It is the heaviest of the precious metals, weighing almost twice as much as gold. Its strength ideally secures the beautiful diamonds in Antwerp Diamond Company platinum diamond rings.

Rare, classic and timeless, platinum is one of earth's rarest gifts. Even after many years, platinum diamond jewellery does not fade or tarnish. It is generally 95% pure and its purity makes it hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin. There is very little platinum on this earth and it is found in very few places around the world. This exquisite metal is 35 times rarer than gold. Platinum's rarity makes it exclusive and distinctive - a celebration of your individuality. In the 18th century, platinum's rarity made King Louis XV of France declare it the only metal fit for a king! It takes five months to process platinum ore into pure platinum, and only after this time can skilled hands work their creativity and craftsmanship, transforming it into the finest Antwerp Diamond Company platinum diamond rings.

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